Parenting Well in a Media Age, Discussion Guide

Book clubs, parent and church groups use the Discussion Guide for on-going dialogue about confronting the challenges of meeting children's needs in an industry-generated culture.

The Guide provides a list of questions for the introduction and for each chapter from the book so that you can share insights with others, raise more questions, and take strategic actions in your homes and communities. It is my hope that with your friends you can support one another to usher in the world of the personally-generated culture! In this world, we parents make sure our own needs our met so that as mothers and fathers we have the energy, vitality, and optimism to meet our children’s needs. In this world, our children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual needs come before anything that the media tells us to do or to buy. Living in a personally-generated culture means we are supported in our parenting by our friends, our family, our schools, and our churches. We all want our children to experience unconditional love so they know they belong and are so very important. In our personally-generated culture our children know they are precious and that is why we set boundaries. They know they are talented, and that is why we amplify their skills and creativity. In this world our children know they are our future, and that is why we take time to let them know that the industry-generated culture does not have their best interests at heart. But we do.

I sincerely affirm you for all the hard work, sacrifice, and utmost care you bring to your parenting each and every day. May your discussions catalyze fruitful ideas that help you stay the course in these rough waters of the industry-generated culture. If parents talk with each other long enough, I believe they can transform this world into a personally-generated culture--in fact, we are the only people who can do it!

I welcome your comments about the book and how it impacted your parenting. I can be reached at gloria@thepci.com.

Thank you for your courage to parent well in this media age!

Gloria DeGaetano

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