Parenting Well in a Media Age, by Gloria DeGaetano

A media age makes it easy for global industries to send their messages to the masses using all forms of screen machines, influencing society, our parenting, and our children on many levels. Rather than being personally-generated, our mainstream culture is now an industry-generated one, created and maintained by business instead of by individuals. To parent well in such a culture means parents must tap the well of wisdom within them. Parenting Well in a Media Age provides affirmation for parents’ significant role for meeting children’s human needs. Focusing on five essential human needs, the book acts as a guide for helping parents focus on those needs with their children and with themselves. Thus, we collectively create a personally-generated culture—one that ensures human needs will continue to be met for future generations.

iParenting Media Award    Parenting Well in a Media Age has won a 2007 Best Product Award from iParenting Media Awards! The iParenting Media Awards are an internationally recognized standard of excellence evaluating everything from toys, books, and Web sites, to safety gear, and audio CDs and educational software.

Parenting Well in a Media Age explains six specific challenges of modern-day parenting that raise six important questions for parents:

  • Whose messages do we want to be most influential in shaping the emerging identity of our children—the messages from an industry-generated culture or the messages from parents?
  • How do we help our children intentionally choose what is in their best interests when the corporate-controlled culture and social institutions in our communities persist in urging them to make choices not in their best interests?
  • How do we nurture our children’s and teens’ healthy autonomy within an industry-generated culture determined to undermine our authority and responsibility?
  • How do we parents get the relevant information we need to parent well when that information is not easily available through common mass media channels?
  • How can we stop the escalation of sensational, mindless content by the industry-generated culture if human brains are easily conditioned to seek it?
How can parents meet their children’s real human needs and their own human needs in a larger culture that avoids recognition of those needs?

Parenting Well gives direction and hopeful solutions for parents to address these six questions productively and proactively. With the innovative ideas and useful strategies found throughout the book parents can tap the well of wisdom within them to parent from their authentic selves in a counterfeit culture.

Parenting Well in a Media Age offers transformational alternatives for parents and concerned adults wanting to maintain the humanity of our children and the integrity of our culture.

Parenting Well in a Media Age, soft cover, 256 pages. Cost: $18.95

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